• 10 Pounds of Greenway Biotech Sulfur Powder (Micronized) — Repackaged from Natural and OMRI Listed Sulfur Powder
  • Nice Supply of Fertilizer for Acid Loving Vegetation (e.g. Blueberries)
  • Wonderful Soil Additive to Alter pH Degree
  • Kills/Repels Bugs (e.g. Mattress Bugs), Repels Snakes, Will get Rid of Chiggers and Ticks in Pets
  • Sulfur is One of many Most Used Chemical substances in Many Industries
Obtained Sulfur? Atomic quantity candy 16 on the Periodic Desk (keep in mind from highschool?) and denoted by its telltale image S, sulfur was referred to Biblically as brimstone and infrequently reviled for its odiferous compounds. As we speak, in fact, we all know that natural elemental sulfur powder is an important component utilized by numerous types of life-everything out of your tomato vegetation to the birds within the timber. Greenway Biotech gives pure sulfur powder that’s related to numerous makes use of. As a result of that is NOT pharmaceutical-grade sulfur, it shouldn’t be digested or utilized in any private care merchandise. Our natural elemental sulfur can be utilized to appropriate the pH stage of your panorama and backyard soil, nevertheless. As a result of vegetation depend on sulfur for numerous features, sulfur makes an important soil modification that may improve plant development, look, and general well being. Specifically, acid-loving vegetation can profit from a sulfur additive as a result of it lowers the pH stage of the soil, making it, alternatively, extra acidic. Other than its operate within the soil, our natural elemental sulfur may also be used outside to repel pests like snakes, chiggers, and numerous different bugs that you do not need hanging about your garden or backyard plantings. Naturally, this kind of sulfur can also be used to make gunpowder and should even be featured in various kinds of science projects-under the discretion of a science teacher, in fact! Though the ancients needed to acquire sulfur from blistering volcanic rocks, you may merely name or message us to order the quantity you want. Thank You for Contemplating Us!

Yellow Sulfur Powder Greenway Biotech Brand 10 Pounds.

Weight 10 oz

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Greenway Biotech, Inc.


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