• This lead testing package is what it’s worthwhile to guarantee your private environments are usually not contaminated with lead.
  • This take a look at package is for the lead evaluation of 1 pattern. All testing strategies used at our lab are accredited.
  • The value of this package consists of all lab charges, pattern delivery prices, and sampling materials(s).
  • We provide a whole line of different SLGI Licensed Test Kits and display checks; verify ’em out!
Lead poisoning causes Nervous System harm, stunted development, delayed improvement, and might trigger Liver and Kidney failure. In the event you suspect that your own home has lead hazards, take speedy steps to cut back your loved ones’s threat. SLGI Licensed Test Kit ? is straightforward and easy to make use of. All checks are run by accredited strategies. Kit comes full with all the pieces wanted to pattern for the quantity of lead in paint, mud or soil. Evaluation Charge is included in the value. NO hidden charges. Skilled, correct, and licensed analytical outcomes can be found to view on-line inside 1 enterprise day of receipt of your package.

Lead Test Kit in Paint, Dust, or Soil 1PK (1 Bus. Day) Schneider Labs. 

Weight 0.45 oz
Dimensions 6.18 × 4.49 × 3.5 in

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