• GORGEOUS CERAMIC PLANTER – Enjoy the beauty of porcelain ceramic, finished with a stunning Matte White glaze. Don’t settle for cheap plastic or fiberglass planters.
  • OPTIONAL DRAINAGE FOR HEALTHY PLANTS – Plant pot includes a drainage hole to support healthy root growth for thriving houseplants. Improved rubber stopper included to protect home surfaces.
  • EXPERT CRAFTSMANSHIP – Expert pottery craftsmen produce each planter in small batches. The Peach & Pebble Planter is 100% porcelain ceramic, fired in specialty equipment (to maintain a perfect cylinder shape) and glazed by hand.
  • BEAUTIFUL HOME DECOR – Choose from 4 colors to complement your home decor. Available in 5 sizes to house any of your favorite indoor plants (see size guide image to pick the perfect pot for your plant).
  • SAVE ON A SET – Select a set of 2 planters and save. Peach & Pebble Planters include 30 Day Free Returns and a One Year Warranty.

The Peach & Pebble Ceramic Planter is the ideal plant pot to house your favorite indoor plants. Equally gorgeous and functional, this flower pot supports healthy root growth to keep your plants handsome and healthy (planter includes drainage hole and option rubber stopper). Each planter boasts a classic design made of porcelain ceramic and hand finished with a stunning glaze. Available in 4 colors and 5 sizes to support all your houseplants.

Size Guide

7 inch: 6.5″ Inner Diameter | 7″ Outer Diameter | 7″ Height
8 inch: 7.5″ Inner Diameter | 8″ Outer Diameter | 8″ Height
10 inch: 9.5″ Inner Diameter | 10″ Outer Diameter | 10″ Height
12 inch: 11.5″ Inner Diameter | 12″ Outer Diameter | 12″ Height
15 inch: 14.5″ Inner Diameter | 15″ Outer Diameter | 15″ Height

*If pairing with a plant stand, ensure the other dimension fits in your plant stand

Save On A Set
Buy a planter set and save.

7 inch Set of 2:  Includes two 7″ planters
Set of 2 – 8 inch + 10 inch: Includes one 8″ cylinder and one 10″ cylinder planter. Save $10 when purchased in the set.
Set of 2 – 10 inch: Includes two 10″ cylinder planters. Save $10 when purchased in the set.


Dimensions 11 × 11 × 11 in

Peach & Pebble






Peach & Pebble


Peach & Pebble


10 inch


Peach & Pebble




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