• Full Spectrum Plant Lights – This 4 foot led grow light has significant effects on plant health and growth, Ideal for plants in seedling, vegetative and flowering cycle.
  • High Efficient Design — With the aluminum shell, our t5 gorw light fixture reduces light loss and reflect more lights which can increase the light efficiency by 17~20%, the clear lens of led allows the light fully spread out, offering the best lighting.
  • Complete Accessories – The integrated fixture is plug and play by power cord with dual-on/off button switch, 2 ways mounting- suspended mounting(rope hanger) or flush mounting(screws). All fitting kits included made convenient installation.
  • Wide Application – Brillihood LED Plant Lights are perfect for house garden, pot culture, sowing, breeding, flower exhibition, bonsai, succulents, greenhouse cultivation, water soluble breeding, and so on.
  • Buy With Confidence – We offer 2-year long hassle-free warranty & 30 days money-back guarantee. Contact us for an easy and fast replacement.
Our Brillihood 4FT LED Grow Light Fixture is for indoor growers. It will increase the growth rate and yield of a wide variety of plants. Ideal for all phases of plant growth, like germination, blooming and fruiting.

Product Specifications:
Material: Aluminum & PC
Length: 48 Inches (4ft)
Power: 60w±5%
Voltage: AC85~265V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz

– Full spectrum – provides light that plants need in growth, effectively promote plant photosynthesis.
– Energy saving – LED technology lowers energy usage and cost.
– Esay Usage – plug and play, no wiring and reconstructing.

? This product is only for indoor use; non-waterproof, be careful if watering.
? With small connectors or connecting cords, this light fixture could connect up to 4 grow lights together.
? This light is integrated design that one unit with 2 light tubes, could not be replaced.
? Please keep enough water for plants when using this grow light fixture set.

Package include:
2 x LED Grow Light Fixtures
2 x Power Cords with Switch
2 x Installation Accessory Packs (4 Snap Joints + 4 x Suspension Cords + 4 x Suspension Attachments + 4 x Mounting Stud + 4 x Plastic Anchors + 4 Small Connectors + 8 Screws)

If you have any questions with our Brillihood 2 Pack Integrated LED Grow Light Fixtures, please feel free to contact us.


Weight 7.15 oz
Dimensions 45.3 × 4.5 × 3.3 in



Red and Blue










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