Plus, with a fully charged battery (which takes just 2 to 3 hours to charge), this cleaner can operate for up to 60 minutes at standard speed and 45 minutes at high turbo velocity. Don’t settle for a subpar pool cleaner – invest in our best-selling product today and enjoy a crystal-clear pool all season long!

Cleaner has a twin filter system for additional filtering capability. The unique micro-tremendous particle filter cartridge removes the best particles because it collects pollen, mud, sand, silt, and so forth. Substitute filters are bought individually, USP FCA-2.

The cleaner additionally has an extremely mesh filter display screen overhead the motor for secondary filtering. The cleaner has a 1.5 Liter filtering capability to gather leaves and particles with out the micro-tremendous particle filter.

Skilled, highly effective, and quiet Octopus Cordless Handheld Pool and Spa Vacuum Cleaner. Cordless rechargeable two-velocity vacuum cleaner designed for fast and environment friendly particles removing. The cleaner works excellently in overhead-floor and in-floor swimming pools and spas. The cleaner is designed to make it protected and simple to wash your whole pool.

Connect the adjustable angle additional-massive vacuum head with facet bristles for broader particles discipline assortment or use with out the vacuum head so the vacuums small mouth opening to and take away particles and dirt from tough-to-attain areas just like the angles of pool steps, corners, and round ladders. Use the cleaner with the included hand deal with or a typical 1-1/4″ diameter telescopic pole (pole bought individually).

7 .4V /2000mAh; Charging energy: 8.4V DC, 1.0A; Motor voltage: 7.4V DC; Waterproof grade: IPXS; Max Water Depth: 10 ft (3 m); Min Water Depth: 16″ (0.4 m); Water temperature: 39.2° F (4 °C) – 95° F (35°C).



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