And with a quick charge time of just 2.5-3 hours, you can get back to enjoying your pool in no time. Don’t settle for a subpar pool cleaning solution – invest in our best-selling product today!

Robotic pool cleaner will park close to the pool wall when the battery is scarcity, use a retrieve hook can tick it up out of your pool simply. Moolan S1 can clear the flat swimming pool with a slope under 15 levels on the backside of the pool, like overhead floor, in-ground pool, framed swimming swimming pools, and many others.

Moolan S1 is a cordless robotic pool cleaner. No want to join the ability twine when it really works, keep away from the chance of winding and electrical shock, guarantee the protection.

It could possibly additionally work independently with out connecting the filter system of the swimming pool. Moolan S1 is extra handy to clear the swimming pool, Good for overhead floor pool and in-ground pool.

Highly effective dual-drive motor design has longer sturdiness. 2 bigger water inlets and a pair of scrapers can straightforward clear particles, leaves, and small stones, guarantee a meticulous cleansing of your pool.

Following, next 1 click on, simply throw it into the swimming pool inside 30 seconds, and it may work mechanically. 2-step to open the machine and all components could be flushed with water pipes,straightforward meeting and cleansing.



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