• HIGH FREQUENCY DIMMABLE BALLAST: High frequency digital dimmable ballast 120V-240V designed specifically for Double Ended Grow Lamps 1000W (HPS/MH), adjustable to 600/750/1000/1150W output
  • HIGH REFLECTIVITY RATING: Sturdy reflective hood is made of German aluminum rated at 95% reflectivity, maximizes the light to the plants with excellent color rendering and outstanding high quality, and the high quality lamp holder
  • SUPER LUMEN LIGHT: Includes a Super HPS Double Ended 1000W HPS Bulb, high PAR 2100um+ output, providing 35% more available energy than Standard HPS Lamp bulb
  • ALL COMPONENTS INCLUDED: Each MIXJOY Grow Light Kit system includes 1x Aluminum Reflector, 1x Digital dimmable ballast (120V-240V), 1x Double Ended HPS 1000W bulb, 1x Pair of 8-ft adjustable ratchet clip hanger rope, 1x 8ft 120V Power cord (120V to 240V adapter included)
  • QUALITY WARRANTY: ETL Certified to ensure the Digital Dimmable Ballast 3 years warranty, Reflector 2 years warranty; DE HPS 1000W Bulb has 1 year warranty
Open design for maximum light output, optimum heat management, and longer lamp life

Premium aluminum European hammer-tone interior: 99.85% pure, 95% reflectivity

High output of PAR light (2,050 μmol/s) promotes photosynthesis

The HPS bulbs have a slower degradation rate than single ended HPS bulbs allowing them to retain 90% of their original intensity after 10,000 hours of usage.

The bulbs in this 1000W grow light kit are more stable than single ended HPS bulbs allowing them to push an extra 10% intensity and PAR output.

They emit much more IR and UV light than single ended HPS bulbs allowing plants to increase potency and essential oils.

Input Voltage(V):120-240V
Bulb Type: K12 S30
Light output Lumens: 151,000lm
CRI: 21
CCT: 2100K
Power Factor: ≥0.98
Working frequency: [kHz] 110
Dimming range: 600w 750w 1000w 1150w

Package includes:
1 X DE 1000w dimmable ballast
1 X DE Open aluminum reflector
1 X DE HPS 1000W bulb
1 pair 1/8″ rope hangers


Weight 19.1 oz
Dimensions 29 × 16.55 × 8 in













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