• MICROBIOMETER is the ONLY Lab-Grade Soil Microbe Tester Obtainable
  • Excellent for LIVING SOIL Growers to Know Soil Health
  • The ULTIMATE Device for Figuring out Soil Health and Fertility
  • 10% of the Price of a Lab Evaluation in solely 10 MINUTES
  • Develop Good with ORGANIC Living Soil and Save on Fertilizers
The Final Device for Figuring out Soil Health and Fertility Microbiometer® lets you estimate the microbial biomass in your soil in 10 minutes for 10% of the price of a lab check. Outcomes are learn and saved in your cellphone or pill and within the cloud for entry throughout all of your gadgets. Why you want the MicroBiometer MicroBiometer® measures the quantity of microbes lower than 100 µm in dimension in a pattern of soil or compost tea – these are the microbes that kind the idea of the meals net. It’s effectively documented that microbial biomass is one of the best indicator of soil fertility: diet poor and challenged soils have very low microbial populations and that profitable remediation leads to a rise within the microbial inhabitants. The diet accessible to vegetation in a rising season is mineralized by the microbial inhabitants. We have now proven that the microbial inhabitants of a compost pattern displays its dietary degree. MicroBiometer® lets you seize the info that can mean you can scientifically monitor your actions and correlate microbial biomass with growing soil fertility and vegetation outcomes. You may be part of the revolution that lets you scientifically measure the parameters that guarantee success.Use the MicroBiometer to: Measure the microbial biomass in a compost pattern. The upper the numbers of microbes the richer the compost. Measure the microbial biomass in a pattern of inoculum. Measure the microbial biomasss in liquid soil modification. Calculate how a lot you’ll be able to dilute your liquid soil modification. Observe the modifications in microbial biomass with season and remedy. Observe the restoration of soil by remedy – the vegetation will enhance because the microbes enhance.

MicroBiometer – Professional Lab-Grade Soil Test Kit for Microbial BioMass, Test Soil Health and Fertility, perfect for Living Soil and No-till. 














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