• FULL SPECTRUM – We did lots of experiments to ensure that this full spectrum LED grow light design promotes plant growth. It includes universal Blue Red IR UV and white light provide everything plant desire in the natural sunlight. The expensive IR UV led promote plants to defense mechanisms, blue and red led is essential light for plant growth.
  • EXTREMELY HIGH POWER-The LED grow light will provide your plant with the largest source of light to ensure your plants grow quickly and healthy whatever the weather is. Power watt: 200W+/-10%
  • COMPARE TO HPS/MH- The 2000W LED grow light can replace traditional HPS/MH while consuming only 200 watts! More effective coverage area than any reflector series lights. perfect for a 2x2ft growing area at 24″ height. The difference of us is that we use double cooling fans. Can most extend the light life.
  • NO REFLECTOR NO DANGER- Many others’ LED grow lights are used led spotlight reflector to make the light look beautiful, but we don’t use it because the led reflector is not heat-resistant.We installed the temperature sensor in our lamps. If the cooling fan is broken or the temperature in the lamp is too high, the temperature sensor will automatically cut off the power supply to prevent accidents, We use aluminum enclosures to pack power and glue, dust proof, moisture proof, and explosion proof.
  • AFTER SALES SERVICE- We are a professional LED grow light’s manufacturer with strong R&D team and many light tester. 2 years warranty plus 30 days money back guarantee. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with completely satisfing reply.

2000W LED Grow Light- Vander Updated Version Full Spectrum Led Growing Lamp for Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Flower


LEDs Watt?2000W  [Note?240pcs LEDs X 2pcs chip X 3Wper chip=1440W]

Actual power: 220W

LED Chip: Sanan

LEDs: 228pcs main LEDs , 4pcs UVA LEDs,  8pcs assisted LEDs


LEDs Beam Angle: 120 degree

Main LED Chip Spectrum: 410nm-800nm full spectrum

Main LED Chip Peak Wavelength: 450nm and 660nm

Assisted LED Chip Spectrum: 500nm-700nm

Assisted LED Chip Peak Wavelength: 550nm

UVA LEDs Spectrum: 380nm-405nm

Power Consumption?2A110VAC/0.9A240VAC

Input power:  100-240VAC 50/60Hz

Power Factor: >0.9

Light total photon flux: 350 μmol/S

Light PPF(efficiency): 1.60μmol/J

Light Spectrum: 380nm~800nm  full spectrum including 450nm/660nm/730nm

Light Blue-Purple/Orange-Red Rate :  1:4

Light Best For: Germinating, seedling, Vegetative, Flowering

Light Mounting Height: 10-30in above canopy

Light PPFD (μmol/ m² /s ) (stage: h=mounting height A=canopy coverage ):

400 μmol/m²/s  (Vegetative: h=20in A=4X2.0ft)

550 μmol /m²/s  (Flower:   h=16in A=2.2X2ft)

Light Operating Temperature: -20? t0 40 ?

Light Heat dissipation method: active fan cooling

LED chip soldering pad temperature: 72? (at room temperature 28?)

Fan bearing: double ball

Power Driver: aluminum housing and Thermal sealant


Warranty: 2 Years

Light Net Weight: 2.5kg , 9lbs

Light Dimension: in -13.78(L)x8.27(W)x2.36(H)

LED Grow Light 2000W Full Spectrum Led Light Hanging Lamp for Greenhouse Hydroponic Indoor Plants Growing Vegetables and Flowers.

Weight 6.2 oz
Dimensions 15.7 × 12 × 5 in

















3 Years


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