• ?Compare to HPS/MH?This cob led grow light bulb can replace traditional 600 watt HPS/CMH while consuming only 170 watts! More effective coverage area than any reflector series lights, and no reflector without danger. perfect for a 4x4ft growing area at 24″ height. This cob led grow light bulb gain a high PAR output, it’s about 2680umol at 8″, and about 1491umol at 12″, gain a high yield.
  • ?Satisfaction Guarantee?We are a professional led grow light manufacturer with strong R&D team and many light tester. 24-hour professional service center, 30 days full refund, 3 years warranty and 365 days technical support. You can always come to us for free customer service at: https://www.amazon.com/sp?_encoding=UTF8&asin=&isAmazonFulfilled=1&isCBA=&marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&orderID=&seller=A135IBEV9A45CL&tab=&vasStoreID=
  • ?Luminus CXM-32 COB LED?This is the newest COB LED grow light bulb in the market. The naming comes from the LED which is made by Luminus CXM-32. It’s a very well-known LED brand in the world. Each LED can reach up to an impressive 285w of power. The LEDs are not only extremely powerful but also produce the most ideal sunlike spectrum for proper plant growth. The wavelengths of the cob led grow light bulb from 380 to 800nm, The cob led grow light bulb was designed specifically for growing plants.
  • ?Improve Plant Growth Quality and Effectiveness?This full spectrum led grow light bulb can rapidly improve the speed and density of foliage and growth overall, efficiently promotes leaf and rhizome growing, protein synthesis, blooming and fruiting. The cob led grow light bulb made with wide angle 90° glass lens, it make the cob led grow light bulb has the capability to penetrate dense foliage canopies. Full Spectrum LEDs are highly beneficial during both Vegetative and Bloom cycles.
  • ?High-Efficiency & Scientific Heat Dissipation Design?Our cob led grow light bulb are made of all aluminum case, and designed with unique 72 fins heatsink construction, aluminum is the best thermal material, through this special heat dissipation structure, can dissipate all the heat quickly and very well, don’t need a fans, and without noise, at an ambient temperature of 25°C, the working temperature of the light is below 60°C, ensure the cob led grow light bulb has 100,000 hours long lifespan.
Why Choose CANAGROW?
CANAGROW has been devoted to researching and developing the LED Grow light industry for over 7 years. We are a global leader of developing and manufacturing LED grow lights. The widely known UFO and other RED & BLUE LED grow lights seen frequently were also developed by us. This LED grow light bulb are our latest product. The CANAGROW team is constantly developing new high-end led grow lights and we are focused on evolving the technology. We strive to offer the best service and intelligent products to our customers.

Why Choose Our LED Grow Light?
Our Full Spectrum COB LED Grow Light has high energy-efficiency features and a high emergence rate and high harvest, it closing to sunlight. You will get a balance of quality, safety, result and long life. It can be used for large indoor farms, indoor flower gardens, greenhouses, basement gardens, closet grows, and grow tents.

Case Material: Aluminum
LED: Luminus COB LED
Wavelength: Sunlike 3500k full spectrum 380~780nm
Light Color: 3500K
Input Voltage: AC100~265V
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Flux Lm: 26500LM
Lifetime: 50000Hrs
N.W: 3.2KG
Product Size: φ11*8.7inch

Attention please: –When the led grow light bulbs works normally, it will generate heat, please don’t worry, it is normal.
–Not waterproof, don’t get wet in the rain or in the water. Please don’t touch the case when working.
–Don’t look at the CANAGROW led grow light bulb directly while it’s on.
–Highly hang the lamp will weaken the energy and affect the growth cycle of the plants, so the lamp should not be hung too high. At same time, don’t hang the light to plants too close, or it will damage plants. About 8~30 inches height is a good choice.


Weight 9.73 oz
Dimensions 14.09 × 13.86 × 9.88 in



Sunlike Full Spectrum 3500K






















2 years warranty plus 30 days money back guarantee.


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