• ALL-IN-ONE INDOOR GARDEN STARTER SET | Kit Includes All the Grow Equipment & Supplies You Need to Plant & Cultivate Herbs, Greens, Plants & Veggies at Home All Year Round | Just Add Seeds – No Soil, Sunlight or Greenhouse Necessary!
  • GROW 11 DIFFERENT PLANTS AT ONCE | Spacious Planter Box Provides Room for an Entire Garden of Your Favorite Herbs | Includes 30 Seeding Sponges, 15 Baskets, Measuring Container, Tweezers, 5 Planting Hats to Prevent Algae Growth
  • SMART LED LIGHTING SYSTEM | 125 Ultra Bright Mini LED Lights Automatically Cycle On & Off to Mimic Conditions of Day & Night | Lamp is Fully Adjustable to Maximize Coverage, Achieve Ideal Angle & Accommodate Plants as They Grow
  • THE MIRACLE OF HYDROPONIC SCIENCE | 100% Natural Water- & Light-Based Growth Process Develops Plants Faster & Healthier Than Traditional Outdoor Garden | Kit Includes [2] Chemical-Free Nutrient Concentrates for Best Results
  • FRUITFUL GIFT FOR KIDS & ADULTS | Indoor Hydroponic System Makes an Amazing Birthday Present, Rainy Day Activity, Educational or Dementia Tool | Grow Mint, Basil, Cilantro, Dill, Rosemary, Oregano, Parsley, Lettuce, Tomatoes & More!
Through harsh weather and cold of winter, the complete Indoor educational Garden Hydro farm Kit allows you to grow all your favorite herb greens veggies and other plants soilless or sunlight! Have your smart hydroponic chemical free garden box set indoor at home, no need for outdoor gardening great for gourmet salad herbal growing in your house or home or kitchen. Works with the included nutrients for fertilizer. Planting Plant plants in your planter to harvest and grow vegetables flower flowers food using grow lamp led light year-round System to. Includes all accessories. Great activity birthday present gift fun for children or science project kids and adults. The lighting lights machine make a mini growing miracle not outdoor and not using pods but using the light that work like sun sunlight. Use seeds for seeding without soil just use the included sponges. Watering is easy to grow in the winter or summer. Grow berry Beans basil arugula Blueberries cactus catnip chives cilantro cucumber dill garlic jalapeno spice Spinach Strawberries strawberry Tarragon tea thyme tomatoes romaine rosemary sage peas pepper peppers lavender lettuce micro greens mint orchid oregano parsley Utilizing nutrient-rich sponges instead of dirt and 125 ultra-bright LEDs instead of the sun, this gardening technique comes with a host of bountiful benefits compared to traditional methods.


Weight 6.46 oz
Dimensions 17.44 × 8.74 × 5.63 in





















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