• Fixture Compatibility: For use with all T5HO fixtures requiring 54-watt linear tubes
  • Size Specifications: Bulb length = 45.75″, bulb diameter = .625″ (T5) ; Base size = mini bi-pin (G5) ; See below for additional size information
  • AgroMax Pure PAR Spectrum – next-gen horticultural vegetative / full-cycle lamp
  • Proprietary phosphor technology – produces enhanced output with peak-PAR wavelengths for vegetative growth
  • Extended 20,000+ hour lifespan ; 1-year manufacturer’s warranty ; package includes 8 bulbs

AgroMax high-output T5 (T5HO) bulbs produce 2x the light output of standard T5 lamps, and are by far the most popular fluorescent grow light bulbs on the market. Unlike rebranded general-purpose lamps offered by others, AgroMax T5 bulbs have been engineered specifically to provide the best plant growth. With the most finely tuned spectral formulas for horticultural use and more growing power, AgroMax T5HO bulbs offer superior performance at a great price.

SPECTRUM: The AgroMax Pure PAR Veg bulb is a state of the art vegetative T5HO that uses advanced phosphor technology to concentrate output in the peak photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) wavelengths for vegetative growth. It is the best T5HO bulb available for the vegetative growth stage.


  1. AgroMax 4′ F54T5HO bulbs are compatible with 4′ T5HO fixtures only. Please confirm your fixture’s compatibility before ordering as fluorescent lights come in numerous sizes, each requiring a specific bulb wattage and size.
  2. AgroMax T5HO bulbs follow the industry-standard size coding format (FxxTy), in which F stands for fluorescent – the first number (xx) indicates wattageT indicates the tubular shape – the second number (y) indicates the tube diameter in eighths of an inch (T5 = 5/8″) – and HO stands for high-output: (F54T5HO).
  3. Because T5HO bulbs are a specific size/type, they cannot be used in lights requiring different size/types such as T12, T10, or T8 fixtures.


Q: Will these T5 bulbs fit in my household / shop light?
A: Fluorescent lights for residential and commercial use vary in size, most commonly among T8, T10, and T12 varieties so be sure to verify your light’s compatibility. Please refer to the size and compatibility section above for more information.

8-Pack AgroMax 4 Foot (45.75″) Pure PAR Veg T5 Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs – (8) F54T5HO Bulbs.

Dimensions 47 × 7 × 7 in













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