40W Cutting Engraving Module 

  • Immediately engrave mirror chrome steel: no want portray black;
  • Tremendous quick engraving pace: 304 chrome steel, as much as 30mm/s with 20mm focus size
  • Outstanding chopping capacity: chopping by 5mm thickness plywood by one move at pace of 1mm/s with 35~38mm foucs lenght.


Straightforward to Use 

Wavelength: 450nm; Enter: DC 12V 1.8A(1.5A-2A); Energy adjustable: Assist 5V PWM modulation; Enter port: XH2.54-3P socket; management line set up methodology: Pluggable, Adjustable laser head, straightforward to regulate, connection is handy; appropriate for DIY engraving machine. And wonderful compatibility with most different manufacturers engraver machine, CNC router and 3D printers machine.

An expert engraving instruments,Engraving supplies: MDF,rubber, wooden, paper, plastic,plywood, PCB board, aluminum, chrome steel, ceramic, stone, and many others. Cutting materials: wooden, black acrylic, bamboo,MDF and many others. Provide you with extra inventive works to chopping and engraving on DIY canine tags, labels, greeting playing cards, mini-models, engraving youngsters drawings and many others. As a significant present for household, buddies (‚ö°Unable to engrave with blue/purple/white/clear materials, aluminum with out oxide layer)


Impact Laser Energy: LT-40W-A-Gold(Optical energy: 5W)
Materials: Aluminum Alloy+Plastic
Mild Coloration: Blue
Wave Size: 450nm
Facula Kind: Punctiform, Adjustable Focus
Enter Voltage: 12V 2A
Interface Parameter: Assist TTL sign controls energy
Merchandise Measurement: 12*4*4cm
Bundle Measurement: 14*6.2*6.2cm
Merchandise Weight: 300g

  • 1. The optical energy 20W module is probably the most highly effective blue laser head in the marketplace.
  • 2.¬†Cutting¬†10mm¬†bass¬†plywood¬†by¬†one¬†move.
  • 3. With skilled air help.
  • 4. Secure¬†energy¬†output¬†at¬†lengthy¬†working¬†time.
  • 5. 56*56¬†housing¬†dimension¬†with¬†wonderful¬†warmth¬†dissipation¬†design.
  • 6. Solely¬†300~400mw¬†energy¬†lower¬†with¬†100%¬†energy¬†output¬†in¬†30mins.
  • 7. Straightforward¬†for¬†DIY¬†connection


  • Optical energy: 20W
  • Materials: aluminum alloy + plastic
  • Mild colour: blue
  • Wavelength: 455nm
  • Spot type: punctiform, fastened focus
  • Enter voltage: 24V 2.3A-3.2A
  • Interface parameters: help TTL sign management energy
  • Merchandise dimension: 56 * 56 *132.5mm
  • Engraving accuracy: 0.08mm
  • Focusing methodology: fastened focus laser

80W Laser Module with Air Assist 20W 40W Laser Head 450nm Blue Mild TTL Smarter Instrument for Laser Engraver Wood Cutting


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