Enjoy a more efficient and effortless gardening experience with our innovative rake head!

The deal with has a non-slip design, which saves extra effort, and our alloy metal pole is stronger and extra sturdy than aluminum pole. The rake filaments are product of PA materials. PA materials has warmth resistance and put on resistance for longer service life.

Two completely different working heights, from 3’ youngsters and youth to 7‘ adults, and the rake head is eighteen” extensive to simply work most areas without delay.

Insert the lock on the pole into the spherical gap of the rake head to associate, to put through (telephone) the rake head to the pole. Pull out the internal pole on the backside and switch the fastened connecting pole clockwise. Rotate the highest pole once more to finish the set up. Flip it counterclockwise to take away it, simple storage, or hold it on the wall.



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