• 64″ Working Width, 25-40 HP, Free Shipping !
  • Cat I/II 3 point hitch, PTO Shaft (31″) with slip clutch included
  • Machine Weight 575 lb., 8 flanges with 6 blades each
  • Rotor Diameter 16 1/2″
  • 2 Years limited Warranty, Spare Parts are in house
Heavy Duty HDRT-64 Rotary Tiller from Victory Tractor Implements Gear driven for Small to Mid-Sized Tractors, PTO shaft included (with slip clutch)! Performance: Victory’s HD Tractor Tillers are the ideal machines to prepare any kind of soil mix on your property or planting preparations for your gardens. This rugged heavy-duty machine is designed for Small to Mid-Sized Tractors with 20-40 HP to obtain maximum performance. Your standard CAT I or CAT II 3point hitch connects the tiller to your tractor (adjustable lower hitch) with our PTO shaft (with friction/slip clutch), transferring the tractor’s 540RPM by driven gear to 215RPM of rotor shaft speed. Because the tiller turns in the same direction as your forward-moving tractor, you need less horsepower. The working width is 64″, and the 4-way adjustable working depth reaches up to 7″ depending on soil conditions. Features: – Victory uses a heavy-duty oil bath gear transmission (maintenance-free). – The laser balanced tractor tiller blade shaft runs smoothly through even heavy and hard soil in the same direction as your forward-moving tractor. – Underneath the 4mm steel housing sits the blade shaft with 8 flanges, each flange holding 6 L-shaped blades, each blade weighing 720 grams. – The HDRT-64 has a total of 48 blades which are individually exchangeable and can be re-sharpened. Safety: The freewheel transmission allows the blade shaft to turn, once the PTO is switched off, without its movement being transferred to the tractor. The PTO shaft supplied with the tiller has a friction clutch (slip) for perfect protection at a length of 31″. The height-adjustable rear flap is providing a smooth finish and protects against flying rocks for added safety. Not the tiller for the job?  Check out our other rotary tillers, HDRT-72 & HDRT-80!



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