This stress cleaner has 4 quick-connect steel spray suggestions (0°, 15°, 25°, 40°) to offer 4 totally different sorts of stress robust water stream. The hooked up 250ml foam cannon might produce wealthy bubbles to scrub your automotive. Freely choose the high-pressure nozzle finest suited to your activity.

The stress washers might present as much as 1750PSI with max 2.5 GPM water move, which is nice for eradicating deep-seated dust, grease, peeling paint, and even graffiti from concrete, asphalt, siding, decks, garden furnishings, rubbish cans, boats and trailers, and outside energy gear.

TSS system lets the facility washers begin up as quickly as you squeeze the set off, shut down as quickly as you let go, preserve vitality, and promote pump and motor life. It additionally has GFCI safety in opposition to the danger of electrical shock, a lock button to stop it from the spray gun being engaged by chance.



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