With a precision of fifty microns, it can easily remove hair, leaves, dust, sediment, sand, and other fine particles that can cloud your water and make your pool less enjoyable. So why wait? Upgrade your pool and spa today with this top-rated filter and enjoy crystal clear water all season long!

The distinctive trilobal filtration cloth has a higher efficient floor space, which may enhance again press- certain all through your total filtration system, and give you clear, contemporary and clear water.

Size: 26″; External Diameter: 7″; High Opening: 3″; Backside Opening: 3″; Materials Space: 105 Sq.ft; Filter Materials: Trilobal Filtration Cloth.

PLF105A Pool Filter suitable Pentair CCP420, 160301, Waterway Crystal Water 425, 570-0425, SD-00163, AK-60431, Aladdin 20503, Filbur FC-6470.  NOTE: This can be a suitable spare half and the producers’ names and half numbers have been used for reference functions solely. POOLPURE is an unbiased model.

Uniformity and high-performance trilobal cloth make it simpler to seize and launch stains, so it is easy so that you can wash the filter following, next use. It’s endorsed that you simply clear the cartridges each month dependon utilization to maximise your pool’s efficiency.



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