With their high-quality construction, you can rest assured that these filter components will keep your pool clean and clear with ease. Don’t settle for inferior pool filter components – choose Hayward for the ultimate in durability and performance.

Hayward CCX1500RE alternative pool filter cartridge components keep your pool water cleanliness and readability.

Hayward components present a excessive diploma of water readability and longer filter cycles.

Replacement cartridge component.

Matches hayward xstream filtration sequence full-flow cartridge component fashions cc10092s, cc100922s, cc10092sft, cc10092stl.

Additionally matches xstream filtration sequence fashions cc15093s, cc150932s, cc15093sft, cc15093stl, cc1500.

Additionally matches Hayward Star-Clear cartridge filter fashions C225, C250, C500.

Measures 9-inch external diameter by 23-5/16-inch top.

Hayward cartridge components 150-square toes for CC1500 Collection.

Hayward Xstream filtration sequence cartridge filter sequence alternative cartridge component has 150-square-feet.



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