• Our goal at Upcycled Emporium is to deliver unique, rustic, and nonuniform pieces of art. We use recycled and aged materials and make each piece by hand so that no two pieces are the same. Colors and exact shades will vary from the product photo, but all share their rustic and cheerful aesthetic.
  • The Dagwood Dog is a sculpture you can feel good about owning. Not only is it a quirky piece of art, the sculpture is entirely composed of recycled and sustainably sourced barrels making each sculpture unique, eco-friendly, and one-of-kind
  • The vibrant colors and patterns will serve as inspirational conversation pieces and catch they eye of many guests wherever is it. For instance this sculpture would look great under the mailbox or next to the welcoming mat as if it were a real dog.
  • This sculpture is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors, as it is strong enough to withstand most weather conditions. It will undoubtedly transform any space and give it a whimsical and artistic aesthetic.
  • All Upcycle Emporium products are handcrafted from original designs in workshops in small, developing communities. Our intention is to teach people usable skills while providing them the chance to earn a livable income close to home.
Add a touch of industrial chic to your garden and home with the Dagwood Dog Sculpture. This sculpture is handmade by talented artisans and recycled from 44-gallon oil drums. The colors of these vibrant barrels and their original labeling serve to add dimension and interest to this loveable chap. The Dagwood tog will be sure to add a touch of charm and eco-friendly cheer to your garden and home by being is unique and looking fantastic! Each of the pieces at Upcycled Emporium are handmade and made from recycled materials. This means that each design may vary from the product photo in color and shape and will have our characteristic rustic, unique, and nonuniform look. Our pieces are not intended to look like pristine and mass printed copies, we take pride knowing that you are getting a charming one of a kind piece!

Upcycled Emporium Industrial Barnyard Dagwood Dog Metal Sculpture for Home and Garden Décor, Handmade from Recycled Materials.

Weight 5.73 oz
Dimensions 24 × 21 × 6.5 in

Upcycled Emporium


Dagwood Dog


Upcycled Emporium


Upcycled Emporium


Upcycled Emporium


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