• CHOPS WOOD WITH EASE: Cutting wood shouldn’t be a chore. With our handy wood splitter, you’ll be able to cut logs in no time. This woodcutting machine slices logs both horizontally and vertically for your convenience. Simply place the log against the plate and activate the cutting stroke to make short work of woodcutting. It even cuts tough green logs!
  • HEAVY-DUTY STEEL CONSTRUCTION: This wood splitter is made from heavy-duty steel for greater durability. This durability allows it to be towed behind any truck or trailer. It’s tough enough to handle harsh weather and unfavorable conditions. With its convenient trailer hitch, you can take it with you to the forest for all your lumberjack needs.
  • POWERFUL SYSTEM: A built-in, dynamic hydraulic system pushes blades into logs, successfully splitting your wood while safely keeping your hands away from the blades. The hydraulic system stores 8 gallons of AW-32 fluid. Our woodcutter has big ports and free-flowing hoses to reduce bottlenecks. It has a 9 HP gasoline engine with a pull start but is also available with an electric start.
  • DIMENSIONS & SPECIFICATIONS: The cylinder rod has a solid steel push plate. The cylinder measures at 5″ and the rod measures at 2″ with a 24″ stroke. Altogether, the wood splitter has a 30″ stroke. It has a splitting force of 37 tons and weighs approximately 718 lbs. It features a 16 GPM, 2-stage pump with a 302cc Loncin engine.
  • ABOUT TITAN: At Titan, we pride ourselves on our excellent communication capabilities. We are always willing to answer questions if you need to contact us. Our full-time teams work around the clock to make sure you get high-quality products and service for a wallet-friendly price. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we provide a money-back guarantee.
For cool summer nights, you can’t help but want to start a campfire. Obtaining kindle should be easy in the woods, except to keep the fire going, you’ll need to chop up the logs, limbs, and branches you’ve gathered. Exchange your ax for our efficient log splitter. No longer do you need to worry about painful blisters or unfortunate mishaps. This woodcutter has an automatic safety feature that protects your hands from the sharp blades. Its impressive hydraulic system pushes blades into the logs, doing all the work for you. The hydraulic system has a capacity of 8 gal. and runs on AW-32 fluid. Large ports and thick hoses help to eliminate woodcutting issues. This log splitter has a 9 HP, gas-powered motor with pull start capabilities and is also available in electric start. It comes with fenders and a tow hitch, so you can hook it up to your truck, trailer, or vehicle and take it with you to the woods! The ball is 2″ for easier towing. At Titan Great Outdoors, we do not recommend using the log splitter for road use. This log splitter can cut wood horizontally or vertically, making it a great alternative to striking log splitters. It can cut wood pieces as long as 24″ using its steel-plate push system. Simply place the log against the plate and activate the cutting stroke. The cylinder’s long stroke allows you to quickly cut and load more logs with a faster return. The total cycle time is approximately 14 seconds. When you need to leave heavy logs on the ground, simply tip the splitter downwards to cut vertically. The valves of the woodcutter can be easily accessed from the top. This wood splitter is made from durable, heavy-duty steel and weighs about 718 lbs. The cylinder is 5″ and the rod is 2″. It has a 16 GPM, 2-stage pump with a 302cc Loncin engine. We will need your phone number to coordinate delivery with the trucking company or there could be delays with shipping and delivery. You’ll love your Titan Towable Gas-Powered Hydraulic Woodcutter!

Titan Towable Gas Powered Hydraulic Pivoting Log Wood Splitter 37 Ton Pull Start.

Weight 718 oz
Dimensions 86 × 23 × 22.5 in

Titan Great Outdoors




Titan Great Outdoors








Titan Great Outdoors


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