• GREAT FOR GRILLING & COOKING: If you’re looking to make delectable meats and delicious meals, use this barbeque rotisserie grill by Titan Attachments. When you use it, you’ll feel like a bona fide chef. This roaster features a reflective surface that helps direct the heat from coals to the meat, thereby cutting down cooking time, saving coals, and adding savory, smoky flavor to your meat.
  • HEAVY-DUTY SPIT ROD: Effortlessly prepare and cook wild game with this BBQ griller. With its handy spit rod, you can roast whole chickens, pigs, lambs, and goats. The spit measures 51″ in length, allowing it to accommodate for larger animals. Use this grill to host barbeque parties in your backyard or even for a Hawaiian kalua pork roast!
  • MADE FROM STRONG, STURDY MATERIAL: At Titan, we use only the highest quality of materials. This grill system is a prime example of our dedication to superior craftsmanship. It’s made from strong, durable stainless steel, which means it’s built to withstand the elements. Keep it outside without fear of it rusting or corroding.
  • POWERFUL MOTOR: Grilling food should be fun and easy. That’s why our rotisserie stand comes with a strong 25 W electric motor that allows the spit rod to spin itself at a speed of 4 RPM. Its efficient motor can handle a weight capacity of up to 125 lbs. This grill is also able to be adjusted to 3 different tiers.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: This grill weighs 31 lbs. and has 4 wheels, making it easily portable. A locking caster also aids in smoother transportation. This grill comes with a hood for a faster and cleaner roast. The hooded cover also has a glass window, so you can see your food while it’s cooking. When you place your order, we will need your phone number for the trucking company to schedule delivery.
Once summer rolls around, all you want to do is enjoy the great outdoors and fire up the grill. At Titan, we can help you achieve such summer bliss. Our rotisserie system will help you roast tasty, succulent meats to your heart’s content. It’s ideal for roasting entire animals, such as chickens, hogs, lamb, and goat. You could also get some skewers and make kebabs! The spit length measures 51″ in length, so it can hold whole animals. This grill features a reflective surface that helps direct the heat from the coals to the meat. Because of this, you can cut down on cooking and the number of coals used. Additionally, the smoke helps create a delicious, savory flavor. This grill also has a hood which further helps extend the coal-burn duration and reduces cooking time. It also helps keep your roast clean by preventing debris from blowing onto your meat. This dynamic grill is equipped with an impressive motor power of 25 W that can handle 125 lbs. of meat. The rotating rod spins at 4 RPM, giving you an even roast. With 4 wheels, this lightweight system is made for travel and transportation. Whip it out during BBQ parties and other special occasions, like 4th of July barbeques. You can also pack it up with your camping gear and BBQ accessories. This rotisserie stand is made from strong, sturdy steel, which reinforces its durability. Because it’s made from stainless steel, it won’t rust or corrode, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

– High quality stainless steel
– Strong 25W electric motor for large roasts
– Heavy duty spit rod holds entire animal for roasting
– Locking caster included for portability
– Saves charcoal by directing heat to the meat
– 3 tier cooking height adjustment
– Hood with glass window for faster and cleaner roast

– Spit length: 51″
– Motor capacity: 125 LBS.
– Motor power: 25W
– Speed: 4RPM
– Weight: 131 LBS
– Material: Stainless Steel

Titan Great Outdoors 25W Stainless Steel Rotisserie Grill Roaster w/Glass Hood.

Weight 151 oz
Dimensions 51 × 26 × 23 in

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