• 54 cu. ft. capacity increases the leaf-collection capability of your ride-on mower’s existing collection system (not included)
  • In just seconds, the XL Leaf Bag slips over the hood of your existing 2- or 3-bag collection system and secures with two cord locks
  • Durable, abrasion-resistant polyester-blended fabric is woven to trap dust, but still allow air to escape. Use caution with hot, rear-mounted exhaust
  • Fast and convenient emptying, wherever you desire to pile leaves. Simply loosen the cord locks, remove the bag from your collection system, and then empty out the leaves
  • XL Leaf Bag has a maximum opening of 150 in. (381 cm.) to accommodate larger hoods/tops on 3-bag collection systems. For 2-bag systems, consider the Standard Leaf Bag with its 120 in. (305 cm.) maximum opening
Intended to fit over 3 bag collection systems. Are you tired of constantly emptying the small bags on your ride-on mower’s collection system while gathering leaves in the fall? If so, look no further than a TerraKing Leaf Bag: the fast and convenient option for increasing your ride-on mower’s leaf collection capability. Made from durable polyester-blended fabric, these bags provide you with an impressive 54 cu. ft. (43 bu.) capacity for seasons to come. Installing a Leaf Bag is simple and takes just seconds. After removing your collection system’s existing bags, simply drape the Leaf Bag’s opening over the hood, pull the debris flap over the front, and then tighten the two cord locks to secure it in place. While in use, abrasion-resistant polyester-blended fabric provides durability, but also traps dust and fine debris, while still allowing air to escape from the bag. The result? Less dust and mess while you collect your leaves. Once the bag is full, removal is just as fast and convenient as installation. After pulling up to the curb or driving to your pile, simply loosen the cord locks, remove the bag from your collection system, and then empty out the leaves. When you’re done for the season, fold the bag up and stow it away until next fall. Two Leaf Bags are available to accommodate different sizes of plastic hoods/tops found on collection systems. This version, the XL Leaf Bag (ST95033), is designed to accommodate collection systems with three bags and has a maximum opening circumference of 150 in. (381 cm.). For a two-bag system, choose the Standard Leaf Bag (ST95000), which has a smaller maximum opening circumference of 120 in. (305 cm.). The capacity (54 cu. ft. (43 bu.)) is the same for both bags. Included with this purchase is one XL Leaf Bag and one iron-on fabric patch. Brackets, chutes, and hopper tops/lids are NOT included. Please contact the dealer or store where you purchased your ride-on mower to acquire these components.

TerraKing 54 cu. ft. XL Leaf Bag – 150-in. Opening [ST95033].

Weight 3.6 oz
Dimensions 15.1 × 12.7 × 2.9 in







Superior Tech, Inc.








Superior Tech, Inc.


XL (Fits 3-Bag Hood)


Superior Tech, Inc.




1-year warranty against defects in craftsmanship


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