• 1.CHEMICAL FREE WEEDING Brass Nut Fittings and Nylon Rope Wick.This handheld weed wiper can be utilized as a person or weed clumps. Completely no possibilities of drift. Use it with pure weed controller or systemic herbicides.
  • 2.DURABILITY Heavy Responsibility Guide Raised Mattress Garden and Flower Field Claw Weeder Cultivator Aeration Hand Tool It could additionally comprise tough and invasive weeds like ivy, rhododendrum, delicate rush, Japenese knotweed with a single utility. The weeder is particularly designed to successfully wipe out the intrusive crops or weeds in your discipline, garden and backyard.
  • 3. STANDUP WEEDING TOOL FOR A BETTER GARDENING EXPERIENCE- Herbicide is transfered by wiping the gravity fed braided nylon rope wick onto the goal weed. For dwelling gardeners, handheld weed wiper robs your backyard of unwelcome weeds, clear fence rows, and even rids your garden of dandelions.
  • 4. DURABLE AND LONG LASTING MATERIALS Brass nut fittings makes it inconceivable for chemical compounds to leak out . Furthermore the breather brass lugs provides the wiper a tough, powerful and lengthy life.The straightforward to make use of , economical hand-held weed wiper wipes herbicides instantly and precisely on the leaves of your backyard weeds with out touching fascinating crops close by and eliminating the hazards of spray drift, even in windy circumstances.
  • 5. STANDUP WEEDING TOOL FOR A BETTER GARDENING EXPERIENCE- Eliminate weeds with out risking your again with this lengthy dealt with weeding device. The tall deal with enables you to take away the weeds with out having to bend over or go right down to your knees. The 98 cm lengthy size of herbicide applicator makes it appropriate for tall folks to do weeding in an environment friendly manner
Product Code: GG005 Description: Our weeder device is essentially the most ideally suited device for direct utility of herbicide. As an alternative of utilizing cobrahead weeder our weeder device one wipe is sufficient to apply a deadly dose to kill cussed weeds. It affords an excellent substitute for Grampas weeder. Furthermore it includes a lengthy PVC deal with that may be crammed with herbicides that take up into the braided nylon rope wick bolstered with our unique long-lasting brass fittings. It’s much less time consuming than dewit weeder,t weeder device and get up weeder. Ovos weeder, hoe weeder takes for much longer time for ending the job, nonetheless, ours weeder device is much less time consuming Specs: 1.2m total size 1kg weight uPVC building 1″ fill opening for herbicides Braided nylon rope wick ½” brass nut fittings on breather brass lugs Spot weeding has by no means been simpler and reasonably priced. Get your first and you will not want a second! Versatile sufficient for use in many various business and home conditions, gardens,allotments, alongside path edges, in row crops, vineyards, golf programs and cemeteries..

Sideswipe Herbicide Applicator, Wick Weeder Drift Free, Hand Weed Wiper with Brass Nut Fittings, Weeding Tool for Lawn and Garden Care, Ergonomic Weeding Tool. 

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 47.5 × 7.5 × 2 in

Herbicide Weed wick Applicator






No warnings
















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