Alternatively, pressing down towards the rear of the purple button engages a constant pressure on the tube, providing smoother movement and faster working capabilities. With this tool, you can achieve precise and efficient caulking every time.

Smooth plungers permit extra management and extra thrust to push the caulk. The graceful spherical rod with spring-loaded thumb launch gives a quieter and fewer effortful challenge than a ratchet rod.

Caulking gun permits for switching between excessive and low move charges. Pull the set off deal with downwards, the excessive setting thrust ratio 18:1 for use with adhesive supplies. Push the set off deal with upwards, the low setting of thrust ratio 9:1 for use with acrylic supplies.

Permits for Easy Maneuvering in Tight Areas: The sealant cartridge gun with a rotating barrel can effortlessly attain hard-to-reach locations. A rotating shaft is designed to permit simple maneuvering in tight areas. WORKPRO’s half-barrel body caulking gun is good for standard-size 10oz cartridges.

Comfy Grip: The set off with a cushion grip improves grip consolation and prevents your fingers from hurting when you’re caulking. The deal with and set off of the cartridge gun are product of ergonomic plastic, which is comfy for very long time utilizing.



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