• 16 gallons per minute 2-Stage 3,000 PSI hydraulic gear pump
  • 25 GPM auto return detent valve with 1/2″ NPT working ports
  • Maximum Pressure Rating of 3,000 PSI
  • 1/2″ Pump Shaft Compatible With Horizontal and Vertical Shaft Engines
  • OEM Replacement Log Splitter Parts For RuggedMade, Speeco, Huskee, Champion & Many More!
DETAILS 16 GPM 2 stage gear pump, and 25 GPM single spool valve. This is an excellent combination to power your log splitter. 16 GPM Pump specifications Pumps work in horizontal and vertical positions Log Splitter Pump Spec Sheet 11-28GPM Spec Sheet: GPM: 16 Shaft: 1/2in. Inlet: 1in. Outlet: 1/2 NPT Minimum 8 HP engine, We recommend at least 9 HP First Stage: 16 GPM @ 650 PSI Second Stage: 3.5 GPM @ 2500 PSI Maximum pressure: 3000 PSI Bolt circle: 2.83in. 4 holes spaced 2in. on center Hole diameter: .344in. Wood-ruff key: 1/8in. Rotation: Clockwise Pump is approximately 85% efficient 25 GPM Hydraulic Fluid Type: AW-32 10-Weight (ISO 32) or AW-46 20-Weight (ISO 46) ***Not designed for use with “universal” or “tractor” hydraulic fluid*** Note: Suction-side filtration should be no finer than 150 micron. Use of a 10-25 micron filter on the suction side of the pump is too restrictive and will cause failure. Valve specifications In neutral position, both work ports blocked, pump unloads to tank Pressure rating: 2750 PSI Capacity: 25 GPM Maximum Operating Temperature: 180 ? Relief Valve Setting: 2250 PSI Detent Release Pressure: 1400 PSI Working Ports: 1/2 NPT In/Out ports: 3/4 NPT

RuggedMade 16 GPM 2 Stage Hydraulic Pump, 25 GPM Auto Return Directional Control Detent Valve 1/2″ Work Ports.










1/2" Work Ports






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