The recommended pressure range for the undercarriage cleaner is 2500 PSI or higher, ensuring that your cleaning routines are always effective and efficient. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually cleaning your undercarriage and embrace a hassle-free cleaning experience with this incredible pressure washer undercarriage cleaner. So, bring home the perfect solution for all your under-vehicle cleaning needs and keep your ride spotless!

Undercarriage washer works for clear highway grime, oil and gas contaminants underneath automobiles, vans, jeeps, SUVs, commercial-size autos and trailers extensively. It’s handy to wash and keep away from crawling underneath autos.

1 pcs strain washer undercarriage cleaner with 4 chrome steel sprayer nozzles and a couple of rubber wheels. 2 pcs 15.9 inch straight extension wand, 1 pcs 45 diploma curved wand. The wash mitt hooked up can be utilized to wash automobile physique in addition to meet different cleansing wants.

Join the primary straight extension wand to underneath physique strain sprayer, the moment extension straight wand to the primary straight extension wand, and the moment straight wand to the curved wand. Then join the curved wand to the set off gun.

Lastly, underneath the management of the set off gun, you’ll be able to push the wands and underneath provider strain washer simply into the underside of automobile. 1/4” fast join plug make it simpler and faster to associate, to put through (telephone) and launch energy washer wand.



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