Product is made with superior trilobal fibers, which offer exceptional durability and filtration capabilities. Unlike standard point-bond materials, our filter utilizes cutting-edge technologies to enhance its capacity and improve the quality of water filtration. With our product, pool and spa owners can enjoy cleaner and clearer water, free from impurities and contaminants.

The Improved Trilobal Cloth Filter Construction permits the deep penetration of impurities into filter pleats once we wash it, the filter is a very brand-new one following, next cleansing. It’s really helpful to wash the filter when the stress gauge reaches the predetermined worth, in order to take full benefit of its efficiency.

Size: 33 1/8″; Outer Dimension: 8 15/16″; Prime: 4″ open; Backside: 4″ open; Filtration Space: 200 sq. ft.

Jandy CS200, OEM R0462400, PJANCS200, Unicel C-8418, Filbur FC-0823; R0462400 17-175-3628; Aladdin 35002




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