• – HIGH PRESSURE CLEANING POWER. The Pohir S6 high pressure washer assembles with a 1800-watt motor that pumps 2.1 gallons of water per minute. It’s small but powerful. It’s able to generate up to 2300 psi that means it handles any outdoor cleaning task. Clean your deck, driveway, garage, car, truck, motorcycle, roof, ceilings, ATV and furniture in minutes.
  • – New Generation Car Wash: Assembles with pure copper induction motor which enables water in 3 seconds. IPX5 level water-proof means high durability and stability
  • -Durable and long hose: This powerful pressure cleaner comes with a 33-foot-long hose that can complete any project. The POHIR S6 unique twist nozzle can easily adjust the pressure depending on the task without having to switch out nozzles.
  • -Compact but powerful: This powerful is portable, easy to move from garage to driveway. It’s only 20 pounds, but super strong which could push the water to.reach as long as 30 feet due to the high pressure from high pressure of motor.
  • – Upgraded 9 core technology for better performance: Pure copper induction motor, 100 BAR high pressure water, automatic exhaust enabling water in 3 seconds, full wrap IPX5 water-proof, support faucet as well as absorption, adjust pressure automatically, fully shut down with trigger, multiple style of water spraying
Power. Performance. Versatility. The POHIR S6 compact electric pressure washer delivers it all to tackle a variety of cleaning tasks: homes, buildings, RV’s, cars, trucks, boats, decks, driveways, patios, lawn equipment and more. Assembled with an 1800-Watt/14.5-amp motor, the Pressure POHIR S6 generates up to 2300 PSI of water pressure and 2.1 GPM of water flow for maximum cleaning power. Remove tar and grease from concrete, heavy mildew stains, oil stains, rust from steel, caked mud on equipment, and other stubborn gunk and grime.
The POHIR S6 compact electric pressure washer upgraded 9 core technology which includes High Performance Pure Copper Induction Motor, 100 BAR High Water Pressure, Automatic Exhaust To Get water out in 3 seconds, Fully Wrapped IPX5 Water Proof, support both faucet and absorption, Adjust pressure automatically, Machine fully shut down with one releasing, multiple style of water spraying and cleaning.
Package list:
1 x Cleaning Machine
1 x Trigger Gun
1 x 33 feet High Pressure Extension Hose
1 x Water Inlet
1 x Inflow Filter Screen
1 x Transparent Filter
1 x User Manuel

POHIR S6 Compact Portable Electric High Pressure Washer, 2300 PSI, 2.1 GPM, Pure Copper Induction Motor, Spray Gun, Remove Dirt for Vehicle Deck Garden.

Weight 23.15 oz
Dimensions 15.8 × 15.2 × 8 in





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