• ?New Upgrades?OOWOLF LED grow light Compare with the traditional 1000 watt grow lamps, this new Dual-Chips 10w led lights is bigger, brighter and efficient, but consuming only 70 watts.
  • ?Full spectrum?the led plant light include red,blue,yellow,white,IR and UV which is similar to the sunshine,it come with time timer, help you control time. ideal for all kinds of indoor plants veg and flower at all growth stages.
  • ?Energy savings?The LED grow light input voltage AC85-265V, The LED grow light can replace traditional 1000 watt HPS/MH while consuming only 70 total watts! save energy up to 80%. It is more scientifically designed to be more energy-efficient than HPS HID and MH.
  • ?Daisy Chain Available?The power cord is double use for power and daisy chain. Great for you to simplify growing operation and management, link more grow lights while using one wall outlet only.
  • ?Premium Quality & Long Life? OWOOLF ceiling light led lampshade is made of Aluminum, buit in two high speed quiet fans, durable enough to prevent from damage, quality and well made, lasts over 50,000 hours.

OOWOLF 1000W LED Grow Light using efficient full spectrum for indoor plants veg and flower at all growth stages.

Full spectrum has been developed by indoor growers over many years of careful experimentation and testing. Scientifically engineered to keep the balance with high Lumen and suitable Coverage.

This design will not far too concentrated in the middle of the growing area which results in stunted plant growth and sunburning.

How to use the timer:
set a period of time for the unit  to be “ON”
Example: ” ON” time is 10:00pm, “OFF” time is 11: 00 PM. Push down all of the pins Between the 10:00PM and the 11:00PM.

– Replaces a 1000 watt HPS/MH
– LED: 100pcs
– Wavelength:  380nm-800nm
– Lumen: 6300l
– Avg. Power Draw: 70W±3%
– Input Voltage: AC85-265V 50HZ
– Working Temp: -20~50??45%~90%RH
– Frequency: 50-60Hz
– Lifespan:50,000 hours

Attention:indoor use only,not waterproof Extremely bright,do not look directly No additional ballast resistor required.

Ambient temperature:Must be less than 40 °C.It is recommended to use no more than 18 hours per day.This grow lamp includes infrared , it is a great helpful for plants.But IR is invisible,not LED faulty.

Package including:
1 x LED grow light
1 x US Power Cord
1 x Hanging Kits
1 x Time timer

OOWOLF 1000W LED Grow Light, with Mechanical Outlet Timer Full Spectrum UV&IR Daisy Chain Plant Light for Indoor Growing Herbs Plants.

Weight 5.55 oz
Dimensions 14.5 × 13.8 × 3.4 in

















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