• Suits: New Holland Duravee, Procart, HT152, HT154, H5920
  • Suits: Rhino VR8, VR10, VR12
  • Suits: Rhino DF12, DF14, RDF1255, RDF1455, VRX1255, VRX1455
  • Suits: Sitrex H90-V8/V10/V12
  • Works on 55″ Rake Wheel
40 pack of normal responsibility substitute hay rake enamel/tines made proper right here within the USA! 7mm tine diameter These tines will work on a 55″ rake wheel. Will Match Fashions- NEW HOLLAND: DURAVEE, PROCART, HT152, HT154, H5920 RHINO: VR8/10/12 RHINO: DF12, DF14, RDF1255, RDF1455, VRX1255/1455 SITREX: H90-V8/V10/V12 SITREX: MAGNUM MK10/10-12/14/16/18/20 SITREX: EXPLORER MX8/10/12 SITREX: QR8/10/12 SITREX: Q RAKE X QRX-12/14 SITREX: MAGNUM EVOLUTION MKE10/12/14/16/18

New Holland/Rhino/Sitrex 55 Inch 7mm Wheel Rake Tines (40 Pack). 


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