This multi-purpose bulb planter tool can be used for planting tulip bulbs, seeding, grass plugging, and more. Made of weather and rust-resistant carbon steel, it is durable and built to last.


The sharp blade and pointed tip development permit the bottom digger hand device to rapidly and effortlessly enter and raise the soil out of the earth. It allows you to plant in half the time of normal spade digging.


Prepare for the season and simply plant spring and fall bulbs, annuals, floor cowl, and greens. The stand and plant device digs the right measurement gap and offers you the right planting depth each time.


This handy and sturdy seedling planter is fabricated from carbon metal and is rust and water-resistant. It has a snug non-slip T-bar grip, weighs lower than 3 lbs, comes totally assembled, and is 40″ lengthy.



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