• High quality material: Mr. Garden landscape edging roll is made of high quality PE material. It’s high temperature resistant, more durable
  • Firmly attached to the ground: The 20ft Landscape Edging Kit has 4 Spikes every 5ft. Don’t worry about it being affected by bad weather or small animals
  • Has a certain softness: PE materials are both strong and flexible. You can bend and design any garden fence shape you want
  • 4.Easy to install: Place the edging around raised flower beds, trees, and gardens and use a rubber mallet to drive the spikes into the tabs for a secure, long lasting border
  • 5.The length can be adjusted: cut with garden shears or create a larger design by using the included connector to join multiple coils. The size we provide is available 20ft,30ft, 40ft, 50ft, 60ft,80ft,100ft

Mr. Garden Landscape Edging Kits keep weed fabric in place by slipping cloth under the tabs and secure with spiral spikes and create beautiful flower beds, tree rings, and garden borders in tight or curved designs.

Material: PE plastic

Color: Black, Dark Green

Size: 20ft length with 4 Spikes , 30ft length with 6 Spikes, 40ft length with 8 Spikes, 50ft length with 10 Spikes, 60ft length with 12 Spikes, 80ft length with 16 Spikes, 100ft length with 20 Spikes


Weight 6.31 oz
Dimensions 12.87 × 12.76 × 4.96 in

Mr Garden




Wellco Industries Inc.






Wellco Industries Inc.


Wellco Industries Inc.




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