You are looking at a large Black universal 24″ x 48″ chipper-shredder-mulcher bag. This bag has a 48″ opening that will draw down to fit any machine. I make these bags out of durable UVL treated heavy polyester mesh material, double-stitched with a heavy duty polyester thread. The rope is made of nylon and has two rope locks. The bag is very pliable, flame resistant and UVL treated for longer outdoor life. If necessary, you can make a wooden collar around the chute opening (as shown in the pictures) for the bag to hang onto, then this bag will fit any machine. I have sold over 4,200 bags. All my customers are very happy with the size & quality of this bag. Just check my feedbacks. NOTE: if you purchase one of my bags or someone else’s, never use it on cement, such as a driveway. The debris from your shredder bounces off the cement & will decrease the life of the bag. Grassy areas work best! Most bags are delivered to you within 2-3 working days after payment is rec’d.

MHbags Wood Chipper Bag Leaf Shredder Universal 24×61.












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