• 1. 1 machine = 4 machines (please see the picture display)— There are deep plates, shallow plates, grills, indoors for gatherings, and outdoor use for picnics. Can meet the needs of different foods in different occasions.
  • 2. Double-layered barbecue design—There are upper grill and lower grill. When there are many people, the upper and lower grills work at the same time to improve efficiency, and there is no need to wait.
  • 3. Separable design— Each part can be split for easy carrying and cleaning.
  • 4. 5 temperature adjustment— The machine has 5 gears and you can adjust the temperature according to your needs.
  • 5. High power—2000W high power, taste the food faster. And each gear position of the machine has automatic power-off and heating function, which will ensure the rapid heating without scorching the food.

Upper grill?48*24*2.5CM
lower grill?28*23*2.5CM
Carbon grill?38*21*2CM
Stainless steel feet?height 30CM
Baking tray size?46*26*2CM
fish tray size?46*26*5CM
Power?2000 w


1.There will be some smoke when you use the machine for the first time, which is normal because our baking trays are protected. It will be fine after a few minutes.
2.The baking tray will automatically turn off the power! When you use the 5th gear, it will be a little longer when you go to the lower gear.
3.Remember that the wires must be inserted in the end, otherwise the temperature will not be enough.
4. Each of our plugs is vacuum welded, so the head will be black, that is normal, please feel free to use!

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LHYPYS Multi-Function BBQ Grill Electric and Carbon Dual-Use Grill for Indoor and Outdoor Smokeless Non-Stick Barbecue Plate.












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