• Is it easy to operate ? It is the most easy operation Levitating Air Bonsai Pot with mature floating system.
  • Where to use ? Creative ornaments , ideal for home , office, showcase, shops, bars, coffee shop, gift shop, party , hotel, family reception, Office scenes, magic shows used to render the atmosphere attract popular science props (gifts).
  • How does it look ? Wooden mini base with mirror , wooden color pot .
  • What Can I plant ? Any small flowers . The flowerpot will support a maximum weight of 0.66 lb (300 gram).
  • Is it any noise when floating ? Use the best magnetic floating technology on the bonsai . It works quiet and steady.
Levitating Air Bonsai Pot is great as creative gifts, home and office decor.

Wooden base with wooden color pot .
Potted plants (example succulent plants)can be planted. Won’t pack true plants inside, but with a artificial plant .
Perfect gift for indoor decoration.

Max levitating weight: 0.66lb (Include the soil ,plant and water)
Floating height: 0.59-0.79inch, determined by plant watering
Rotating 360 degrees
AC Adaptor: DC Output 12V, 2000mA
Voltage: 110-240V
Plug: Wire length 59.01in. US PLUG
Flowerpot Size: 3.15in. diameter, 2.76in. height .
Base Size: 5.1in. diameter, 1.96in. height
Package Size?12.20*7.95*3.385 in.
N.W.: 2.05lb
G.W.: 2.53lb

1. Connect power. Keep the base on flat surface. Make sure the flowerpot can keep balance on the table after put your plants in it.
2. Two hands hold the flowerpot vertically aiming the centre of the base. Release the flowerpot gently when the plant finds the right position.
3. When failed just repeat above steps with patience.
4. If failed many times, turn off the power and try it again after 10mins.

1. Keep this product 8in. away from other electronic or metal items to avoid mutual interfere. Especially your laptop.
2. Any potted plant can planted in the flowerpot. (Do not exceed Max levitating weight).
3. Remove any excessive water in the flower flowerpot or base immediately when watering the plant.
4. Remember always take away the flowerpot before turn off the power
5. Don’t open the base which may cause damage.
6. Keep it out of touch of child below 12 ages.

Package Includes:
1x Base, 1x Flowerpot, 1x US Power Adapter, 1x User Manual, 1x Artificial Plant.


Weight 2.45 oz
Dimensions 12 × 7.9 × 3.4 in















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