• [Powerful Brushless Motor] The iRozce STG-G brushless motor that generates 2610 PSI 1.85 GPM max to blow off the worst gunk from your pavement–embedded dirt, Grease, sludge, etc. And it is quieter than most similar models, You can easily talk over it while you are pressure washing. Efficient pumps are the key to ensuring the gushing and continuous water flow.
  • [Troubleshooter of Leakage] As it turns out, the threaded coupling made of plastic that eventually wore down and shreds. However, iRozce has eliminated that weak point by a metal adapter. And the machine comes with an O-ring kit and professional-grade metal hose connector that won’t corrode over time.
  • [Foam Cannon and Interchangeable Nozzles] It also has almost accessories you need, including foam cannon, You’ll save at least $16. There are also four different spray tips (0┬░,15┬░, 25┬░, 40┬░) that allow different levels of pressure, essentially giving you many different ways to tackle unwanted dirt depending on the situation.
  • [Build in TSS and GFCI Protection] The built-in Total Stop System (TSS) prevents accidental sprays of water when you’re trying to move the washer around or make adjustments to it. And GFCI build into power box, overheating protection, safety catch on the trigger gun, IP25 rating waterproof. We need to make sure everything is safe, Nobody wants a hospital trip.

?Why You Should Trust iRozce?

?2610 PSI | 1.85 GPM
PSI is the force that knocks the dirt/moss/mildew loose from the surface. Anything above 2500 PSI can do 90% of the work, not to mention our pressure of 2610 PSI. And it has a really elite GPM of 1.85 GPM, which means you’ll be able to┬áclean surfaces 30% faster┬áthan other 1.5 GPM electrics on this list.
?Max Performance Pump
It starts quickly and easily, builds water pressure quickly and constantly flow rates. Oh, I almost forgot. it saves at least 40% of the water. Saving water is just as important as saving our lives, isn’t it?
?Metal Adapter and Sealing Ring
What are you most worried about? Leaks? Crack? This is where we make improvements: Replacing plastic with metal adapter is sturdier, and interacts with the sealing ring to ensure it doesn’t leak like a flood.
?Foam Cannon
Seriously, if you want your car to look like it has been professionally cleaned and detailed, then a foam cannon is key to getting that premium finish. And it saves the bucks for extra purchase for you.
?Telescoping Handle
The designed this unit with customer feedback in mind: Its telescoping handle keeps you upright while taking into account for smaller space in your storeroom.

?What You Can Do With iRozce Pressure Washer?
?Remove the dirt, Make your neighbors jealous with your brand-new looking driveway.
?Refresh your patio furniture, back patio/deck and your grill.
?Make quick work of cleaning your car or truck, to become a professional detailer.

?Check Your Belongings
A unit, A trigger gun, stainless steel spray wand, 26 ft high pressure hose, 35 ft power cord, metal garden hose adapter, 4 nozzles, Foam cannon, Cleaning needle.

?3-Years Attentive Service
It’s time for complete reassurance because the iRozce provide the service with hassle-free in the true sense of the word.


Weight 28.6 oz
Dimensions 24 × 14.5 × 12.6 in















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