• MULTI PURPOSE – This powerful 20,000 BTU flamethrower will destroy your weeds, control pesky insects, light your fire pits/grills and de-ice your pavement.
  • SELF IGNITING – Ignites fast and easy due to its self-igniting mechanism. All you need to do is squeeze the trigger and the fire will light up.
  • FLAME CONTROL – You can regulate the pressure and the intensity of the flame with it’s control knob. Also, the amazing flame control & narrow torch head allows you to effectively treat smaller areas and spots.
  • PREMIUM DESIGN – It’s 35 inch (88 cm) long reach, lightweight built and easy balance design allows you to weed safely and comfortably and avoiding bending, crouching and hand fatigue.
  • SAFE – Our weed burner torch eliminates the risk of chemical residue and run-off. Make your lawn and garden safe for your family and pets, and protect the environment by not using harsh chemicals (like roundup etc.) for the same intent.

Are you in search of a strong adjustable & high quality flamethrower? Well, you are sure to love the Ignighter’s weed killer torch. We made sure you have a mighty tool to battle the stubborn weeds. This powerful and portable self-igniting gas-powered flame torch will remove nasty weeds easily & efficiently. Finally you have a product to superiorly control weeds in your property!

Benefits and features
• Built-in push button igniter – no need for flints and matches.
• 1 inch wide torch head for safe and precise burning – great for killing weeds in your lawn and garden.
• superior design allows the torch to balance itself in your hands – no need to carry all the weight.
• ergonomic foam non-slip grip – clean your garden and pavements without hand fatigue.
• adjustable valve for flame control – with low heat output you can save on your gas.

Advanced engineering
State-ofthe- art engineering makes it super easy and convenient to use:
• fasten a propane or MAPP gas tank to the end (not included).
• make sure the torch is safely fastened to the tank and turn the knob to release gas.
• Squeeze the trigger on the weed torch to light it up.

Stop using poisonous chemicals in your garden protect your land from chemical residue and groundwater contamination with a great eco-friendly solution. Also use to start your grill and fire pit. No more frustrating burns and injuries now you can start your fire from a distance.

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Important: Read the safety manual (included in the package)


Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 37 × 9.75 × 1.5 in













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