• 20 PCS OF 10 GALLON GROW BAGS: Diameter 15″, Height 13″. They are suitable to plant vegetables, herbs, flowers, and more.
  • GROW HEALTHIER: Non-woven fabric grow bag provides plenty of aeration, oxygenates root system, making roots to breathe and grow healthier, which means plants become more productive.
  • STURDY NON-WOVEN FABRIC: These grow bags were made of durable non-woven fabric, it feels very strong and is washable and can be reused.
  • SUPERIOR DRAINAGE: compared to plastic plants pots, non-woven fabric grow bag air-prunes roots and prevents root circling, it drains water better and will stay cooler on hot days, hence it also helps reduce diseases.
  • REINFORCED HANDLES: There are 2 sturdy handles tightly sewed on the grow bags, which can help transfer the plants. These bags can be folded to flat, making them easy to transport and store.
Well-made Grow Bags
The iDiGao grow bags are made of durable non-woven fabric, the serging stitches are sturdy and the two handles are tightly sewed on the bags. The trustworthy grow bags will offer a safe place for your plants to grow out of ground and protect them perfectly. You can plant vegetables and fruits in the grow bags, such as potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, basil, squash, zucchini, cabbage, watermelon etc.

Better than Plastic containers
Compared to plastic containers, non-woven fabric grow bags can prevent roots circling. Due to the polyporous material non-woven fabric grow bags can provide plenty of aeration, and have great drainage, they can stay cooler on hot days and protect root system from diseases. What’s more? They are more cheap than plastic containers!

Make your plants healthier
These bags can air-prune the roots which will boost fibrous growth and help you gain more productive plants.

Thickness: 1.1mm
Diameter: 15″
Height: 13″
Volume: 10 Gallon per bag
Material: Non-woven fabric
Color: black

Package includes:
20* 10 Gallon grow bags





10 Gallon






10 Gallon(20 pcs)




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