And with its ability to switch between low and high-pressure modes, it’s perfect for log splitters, presses, and other applications where quick cylinder action at low pressure is needed before automatically switching to high pressure mode to meet load requirements. So why wait? Order our Hydraulic Wood Splitter Pump today and experience the power and versatility for yourself!

This hydraulic log splitter pump stands out with a 4-hole bolt-on design, and it permits for a direct and fast set up. Set up the pump effortlessly, making your log splitting simpler and strong.

This hydraulic log splitter pump contains a 3600 RPM max rotating pace, 3000PSI max working stress together with a 13GPM excessive movement fee. It should deliver highly effective efficiency to your log splitter. Prepare to start out chopping logs in half, in half the time.

13 gpm hydraulic log splitter pump is provided with a typical 1/2″ NPT outlet port and 1″ barb on the inlet port. It additionally has a 1/2″ diameter shaft with a 1/8″ Woodruff key measure, permitting it to rotate clockwise. High quality you possibly can belief, for unmatched outcomes you possibly can see.

The 2-stage hydraulic pump for log splitter gasoline is great for log splitters, press, machine instruments, and energy models for snowplows. It has excellent compatibility with many OEMs.



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