• Premium battery powered grill rotisserie designed for automatically grilling anywhere! Any power bank can power the motor. PS: power bank NOT included for logistic reason.
  • Automatically rotates kebabs for even cooking ! Gill with 11 rotisseries in one time!
  • Secure the juice of the meat (not dry), while maintaining softness and texture. Perfect for Steaks, Fish, Souvla, Souvlaki, Shish, Lula kabobs , pork butts, appetizers, veggies etc.
  • Ideal for festivals, camping trips and any garden soiree. It¡¯s light enough to take almost anywhere.
  • Exact-fit parts & Minutes installation! Cooking better & Durable construction!
HAOONE Automatic BBQ Gill—-Help you out of bustling about turning each skewer separately during BBQ and meat still easily get burnt or drying out in roasting! With HAOONE automatic gill, BBQ becomes much more
relax, easy and safe

Just load the kebabs on skewers and plug in, the built in motor will automatically rotate the kabobs for you, allowing heat to circulate evenly and delivering consistent and delicious results every time.
With HAOONE Automatic grill accessory, you can update your BBQ grill easily. Just put HAOONE on top you can enjoy like having a master chef cook for your guest with the best BBQ food.

The automatic grill comes with 12 custom 23 inch long stainless steel skewers. You can grill with 11 rotisseries in one time. Each skewer supports up to 1 kg. You can rotisseire Sheesh Kebabs, Kofta kebabs,
Shish, Seekh Kebabs, Tikkas, Lamb Chops, veggies and anything else you can imagine.

Ideal for festivals, camping trips and any garden soiree where space is tight and it’s light enough to take almost anywhere. When BBQ outdoor and there is no electricity? Don¡¯t worry, the automatic grill also works with a
power bank! Note: (POWER BANK NOT INCLUDED) With a standard electrical plug and detachable parts, the rotisserie benefits from easy installation and cleaning.

HAOONE automatic grill is suitable for 99% rectangular grills. Make sure it fits your grill BEFORE ordering: length is 23.6¡¯¡¯ and width can be adjusted from 9,45¡± to 13,78¡±. It is available for grills with any heat source
as charcoaling, fuel gas and electrical heated tube. PS, the motor must be no less than 15 cm far away from heat source. Sturdy stainless steel design, make it easy to use, store and clean.

HAOONE is the most innovative grilling products in the market that are aimed at making grilling easy, fun, and safe. We strive to deliver great quality products backed by excellent customer service.

HAOONE Portable Battery Operated Automatic BBQ Grill Rotisserie with 11 Skewers.

Weight 6.65 oz
Dimensions 24.7 × 3.8 × 2.6 in



Stainless steel








23.6'' X 13.78''




One year Warranty


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