• Very Durable and Can Use for Longer Periods – Brushless Motor Provides Your Tool With Longer Run-time, More Torque and More Power. This Leads to Less Wear and Tear, Extending the Life-time of the Tool.
  • Vacuum to Reach Even Difficult to Reach Areas Quickly – Blower/vac Capability Provides a Versatile Use to Get Your Yard Work Done Without the Need for Multiple Tools
  • Ultra Powerful Suction to Make Cleaning Fast and Easy – Variable Speed Offers Up to 185 Mph to Make Clean Up of Major Debris Easy and Efficient. No-load Speed (RPM)
  • Remove Wet and Dry Leaves as Fast – Powerful Enough to Handle Wet and Dry Leaves; Compatible Only With Greenworks G-max 40v Battery Models, 29472 and 29462 and G-max Charger Model 29482
  • Measures 32.5 by 8.5 by 11 Inches; Style: 40v Blower/vac Battery Included; Comes With 1x Premium Microfiber Cleaner
This GreenWorks DigiPro Brushless Series delivers a powerful solution to rival gas powered tools. Easy to use, powerful brushless motor and lower operating cost, this DigiPro Variable Speed G-MAX Blower/Vac offers versatile features and a zero emissions solution for cleaning and clearing debris. The innovative brushless motor technology provides up to 80% longer life, less noise and lower vibration for user comfort. With up to 185 mph wind speed, 340 CFM, light weight, ergonomic design and vacuum capability, this tool gets the job done without the hassle and mess of gas powered blowers–simply snap in the battery and start working.

Compatible with our GreenWorks G-MAX system, you can work on clearing your yard and collecting up to 4.5 bags of debris on a single charge using the G-MAX 40V 4.0 ah battery sold separately. Only compatible with GreenWorks G-MAX 40V Batteries Models 29462, 29472 and Charger Model 29482. On the bottom of the blower there is a gate / cover that protects the user from getting into the spinning impeller of the blower. In order to use the blower as a Vac, this gate is opened and a collection tube is inserted to allow for leaf pick. There is a safety switch on this gate and if the gate becomes unlatched during use as a blower, it will not allow the blower to run. Please ask the customer to check to assure that the gate is securely latched and try the battery again.

With Bonus: 1x Premium Microfiber Cleaner Bundle

Greenworks 24322 Cordless Leaf Blower Vacuum, Digipro G-MAX 40V (Complete Set) w/Bonus: Premium Microfiber Cleaner Bundle.






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