• 💰💰?3 Modes of Operation?- Floureon metal detector has three distinct modes make you can optimize from in detecting metals. ? All metal mode – the metal detector notifies you whenever it sees any metal. ? Disc mode – you can utilize this metal detector to discriminate other types of metal for a specific one. ? Pinpoint – This mode aids in the detection of metals by beeping.
  • 💰💰?Adjustable Sensitivity?- it detects objects up to 18 cm deep, you can adjust the sensitivity according to different ground conditions; it is able to hunt 7 kinds of metals including coins, relics, jewelry, gold and silver and has 3 tones of beep sound for different depth & metals
  • 💰💰?Ease of Maintenance?- The underwater metal detector is an IP68 waterproof unit with a 10″ search coil is shielded with plastic, and the shaft that the coil is connected to is made of aluminum. Also, this metal detector waterproof can be easily cleaned and save.
  • 💰💰?Hyper Digital Display?- ? 20% bigger LCD display screen that you can utilize in the finding of hidden metals. ? Nine brightness adjustment settings of this metal detector make you could use it in a different type of situations. Note: Two 9v batteries are included.
  • 💰💰?What You Will Get?-package includes 1 x metal detector, 1 x headphone, 1 x Folding Shovel, 1 x storage pouch for shovel and 1 x user manual; the headphone helps you detect metals even in noisy locations with adjustable volume. 60 days money back & 12 month exchange

Multiple Detection Modes & Waterproof Search Coil

Besides being able to detect up to 7 types of metal, the Floureon metal detector is also solidly constructed with an 10″ diameter waterproof search coil for extreme ground conditions and shallow water detections. Both the angle of the coil and length of the stem are adjustable, you can easily set the coil to be paralleled to the ground of shoreline.

Pinpoint Searching Mode

You can narrow down the target area using P/P mode. The detector will become very sensitive to the proximity of metal and will make a sound alert if you’re moving towards the target. It will keep silent if you are moving away from the target. Thus you can easily locate the exact spot the treasure lies before you start digging.

Comprehensive LCD Screen

ALL METAL: Search for all kinds of metal with adjustable sensitivity level and using auto ground balance.

DISC: Discriminates different types of targets and ignores the unwanted metal targets. Please note that you cannot adjust sensitivity level under DISC mode.

SENS: Sensitivity level.

Low battery indicator: You should replace the batteries when low battery indicator is displayed on screen.

Target indicators: Metal targets are divided into 7 categories (IRON NAIL, AL/5/PULL TAB, Gold Ring, 1, 10, 25, 50)

Endless Hunting Fun

Thanks to its adjustable length, this metal detector can be used by children and adults. With a waterproof search coil, it can help you go relic hunting into the garden, park, or beach. Lets you enjoy endless hours of hunting fun with your friends and family!

Package Includes

1x URCERI GC-1028 Metal Detector

1x Foldable Shovel

1x Headphone

floureon Metal Detector High-Accuracy Waterproof LCD Display [Pinpoint Function & Discrimination Mode & Distinctive Audio Prompt] 10 Inch Search Coil Underwater, Includes Headphone Folding Shovel.

Weight 5.7 oz
Dimensions 21.9 × 11 × 5.3 in

Lawn & Patio




Black and Orange














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