• Weed Dragon Torch Kit BP2512SVC w/ Backpack, Squeeze Valve, Dolly, and propane tank
  • 2050° F flame temperature ; 400,000 BTU / hr most capability
  • 25 PSI regular working strain, 5-90 PSI strain vary
  • Max. Gas Consumption: 16 lbs. / hr (9.03 lbs. / hr @ 30 PSI) ; 1/4″ NPT gas inlet
  • 2.5″ torch bell diameter ; 28″ deal with size ; 33″ torch size general

Burn weeds within the backyard or soften ice within the winter with the Weed Dragon Torch Kit BP2512SVC.

The Weed Dragon Torch Kit with Squeeze Valve BP2512SVC comes with a CD100 Dolly. Additionally included is a backpack body with brackets, 10 lb. gas cylinder, spark lighter, pipe thread sealant, 5′ U.L. listed LP fuel hose, and squeeze valve with adjustable pilot and deal with. The advantage of the squeeze valve is that it lets you preserve your propane utilization by not having a steady flame.

This weed torch package is for use open air solely and is ideal to be used within the backyard in conditions whenever you need to keep away from utilizing herbicides and different chemical substances for weed management. The Weed Dragon generates a 400,000 BTU torch that may generate flame temperatures of 2050° F.


  • Torch weeds in yards, gardens, in between concrete cracks, driveways, sidewalks, alongside fence traces
  • Soften ice and snow, thaw frozen pipes
  • Take away paint, grease, oils, and plastic from steel, concrete and different non-flammable objects
  • Sterilize animal cages and pens
  • Warmth steel pipe and tubing, branding irons, pots, tar, asphalt

All the time watch out when dealing with this Weed Dragon Weed Torch, as it will probably generate extremely popular flame temperatures. Solely use open air.

Flame Engineering Weed Dragon Torch Kit (BP 2512 SVC) w/Backpack and Squeeze Valve – Includes Dolly (Bundle, 2 Items). 


Flame Engineering




Flame Engineering


BP2512SVC + CD100


BP2512SVC + CD100


BP2512SVC + CD100


Flame Engineering


Flame Engineering




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