• RELIABLE | Heavy duty steel frame and large 14 inch wheels and non-adjustable chute
  • VERSATILE | Tow hitch included for easy attachment to lawn tractor or ATV
  • POWERFUL | 196cc Kohler RH265 OHV engine, 3 inch chipper capacity, hardened steel chipper knives, flails and hammers
  • WASTE REDUCTION | 20:1 reduction ratio reduces yard waste from 20 bags to 1, 3 bushel collection bag included
  • DIRTY HAND TOOLS | Tools for those who do, backed by a 2 year limited warranty

A fantastic all purpose wood chipper and shredder!


The Dirty Hand Tools Wood Chipper Shredder is heavy duty and portable with enough muscle to chip 3″ branches and shred up to half-inch thick yard waste and reduce it to 1/20th of its original volume.

This model features a 196cc Kohler OHV engine.

The heat-treated, hardened steel chipper knives, flails and hammers are durable and stay sharper longer.

Comes with built-handles and large 14″ wheels for easy maneuvering.

Includes a 3 bushel capacity debris bag and is ideal for keeping projects clean and organized.

Backed by a 2-Year Limited Warranty

Dirty Hand Tools | 106817 | Wood Chipper Shredder with Tow Hitch | Fits Branches up to 3 Inches in Diameter | Collection Bag Included.


Dirty Hand Tools




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