The Bulb Planter, Auger Spiral, Garden Planter Tool is a must-have for any gardening enthusiast. With its 3 x 17.5 inch size, it’s perfect for planting bulb seedlings bedding tulips, and digging weeds roots. The Rapid Umbrella Hole Digger allows for quick and easy digging, and the Level on auger drill bit keeps it steady when digging in tough grounds.

Use a 5/8-inch or bulb planter instrument on low (sluggish) velocity, drill into soil or relevant panorama straight down 17.5 inches, and raise out of gap; 18V or higher drill advisable; For cordless drills a 14V drill minimal is advisable; Preserve auger clear from soil and particles when not in use.

This auger spiral gap drill is the skilled landscapers’ alternative for dramatically elevated effectivity when plant gap digger planting bulbs, potted crops, greens, flowers, naked root bushes and shrubs, tilling soil or planter containers, mixing seed, soil, paint, or batches of mortar combine. Simplify drilling duties corresponding to digging weeds roots, taking soil samples, boring plant holes or erecting fences.

Dimensions of backyard auger 5/8-inch (1.6 cm) metal shaft with non-slip hex drive; 3-inch (7.6cm) diameter x 17.5-inch (61cm) size; Sturdy 10-gauge flighting on a heavy responsibility 5/8-inch metal shaft with sturdy black powder coated .



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