• ?Amazing design from the United States?Chain saw sharpening with two holes for fixing the sharpening knife, suitable for 14/16/18/20 inch chain saw work, gently squeeze the end of the guide rod during sharpening,it can be sharp sharpening.
  • ?Portable and Prefect Fit?The safe and easy chain saw sharpener makes your chain and grindstone fit together, sharpening your 16/18/20 inch chain saw with two holes anytime, anywhere.(Not suitable for ECHO 16 inch chainsaw). Chain saw blade sharpener kit Lightweight and portable, the chain saw sharpening tool is easy to use outdoors
  • ?80% time saving?Chainsaw sharpener made of high-quality and durable materials, the chain saw sharpening tool is installed inside the rod sharpener to keep the chain and guide rod oiled, reducing friction and prolonging service life. Based on user feedback its 50% time saving Compare with the traditional sharpener
  • ?Safety&Easy operation?This chainsaw sharpening kit is easy to use and protect your hands from harm.Your hands don’t need to touch the whetstone, just squeeze the chain saw, the chainsaw can be sharpened in seconds.The upgraded design provides a quickly and easily method of saw chain sharpening.
  • ?6 month 100% money back?Come with Six month 100% money back and 18 month free replacement for
?6 Month 100% money back 18 month free replacement?
If you find the chainsaw sharpener not fit your chain, Please feel free to contact us via Amazon mailbox. We promise 6 Month 100% money back. you no need worry about anything, The lowest price on Amazon compare with other Same product.

?Satisfy all you demand?
Fit in 16-18-20 inch chainsaw

?Only 4 steps to use?
Step 1: Open the panel at 90 degree
Step 2: Fix the chainsaw on the two hole of the sharpener
Step 3: Close the safety plate and push the safety buckle
Step 4: Gently press down until it touches the whetstone

?Warm Tips?
– Tips: Tight the screw in safety plate if it is loose when the first use

?Who is deartisan??
We are a trading company from California and we are based in 300 Park Ave #1400, San Jose, CA 95110. We have factories in many countries around the world, with commitment to providing each costumer with reliable and affordable products. Although our profits are very meager, our good sales support us to provide the best quality service to every customer. If you have any question, please contact us via amazon mailbox. We will be happy to answer any questions on the products.

Deartisan – Your Professional Tool House
We are committed to providing the best quality products, and largely dependent on product feedback from wonderful customers such as yourself.
???If you have any questions or concerns about our product, please do not hesitate to contact us via Amzon mailbox, we always here to service you.


Weight 0.75 oz
Dimensions 8.8 × 5.8 × 1.5 in













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