exterior cleaner restores your surfaces to look nearly as good as fresh and retains them refreshed for as much as a 12 months! Safely clear delicate surfaces. Apply CITRA-SHIELD Multi Floor Outdoor Cleaner in a pump sprayer and let the proprietary substances do the remainder.

Citra Protect Cleans from the within out. Others are simply floor cleaners. Citra Protect cleans over time with the wind and rain, inexperienced stains clear inside 1-2 weeks, black stains or heavy, cussed stains can take serval months, and surfaces will keep clear for as much as one 12 months or longer.

deck cleaner, home wash, roof cleaner, patio cleaner, outside furnishings cleaner, gravestone cleaner for graves, RV awning cleaner, brick cleaner, patio cushion cleaner, headstone cleaner, teak cleaner, vinyl fence cleaner, concrete cleaner, driveway cleaner, camper awning cleaner, outside rug cleaner and extra.

Bleach Free and non-acidic making it a safer selection for your loved ones. No bleach scent or staining, and protected for landscaping. Flush crops with water prior and following, next software. One gallon cleans as much as 200 sqft.



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