• [ TWINKLE LIGHTS!  C7 MULTICOLOR TWINKLE LED LIGHTS ]  100 OptiCore multi color C7 LED twinkle bulbs and 100-foot green stringer with 100 sockets spaced 12 inches apart.  6-inch lead with fused polarized male plug and 6-inch tail with female plug for easy end to end connections.  100 feet total length.  To assemble, simply twist bulbs into sockets.
  • [ NEXT GENERATION LED CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ]  Thanks to their superior construction, OptiCore bulbs offer unsurpassed color saturation, ruggedness and reliability.  DIMMABLE (dimmer sold separately). OptiCore bulbs feature a single dimmable SMD LED diode that emits a pure beam of light through the bulb’s core. The result is a brilliant, natural-looking glow that fills the bulb with vibrant color.
  • [ POLYCARBONATE LENSES, 200x STRONGER THAN GLASS ]  Bulb walls as thick as two typical Christmas bulbs, exceptionally durable.  More importantly, the bulb thickness enables the vivid color. REMOVABLE AND REPLACEABLE bulbs (replacement bulbs sold separately). If one bulb goes out the rest stay lit.  Colors will never fade, chip or crack. Bulbs rated to 60,000 hours.
  • [ CONNECT 1,000′ OF LIGHTS on SINGLE PLUG ] Safely connect 960 watts, over 1,000 feet of lights, end to end on one plug – only 0.84 watts per bulb, 84 watts (0.7 amps) per set. 120 volt fused male plug and female plug for end to end connections.  Powered by STANDARD 120 VOLT household outlet.
  • [ COMMERCIAL GRADE STRINGER for DEPENDABLE PERFORMANCE ]  18 gauge commercial grade SPT1 stringer features sockets with weep holes for trouble-free wet weather performance. Parallel wired; if one socket goes out the rest stay lit.  Bulbs are removable/replaceable. Approved for indoor/outdoor use.
If you’re ready for professional-grade Christmas light displays, OptiCore LED commercial Christmas lights are ready for you. Put simply, these are the most advanced, durable and beautiful commercial LED Christmas lights around. The traditional C7 and C9 bulb sizes have long been Christmas decorating enthusiasts’ favorite. But there was never an LED bulb that could match the color saturation and hue of incandescent vintage Christmas lights. Until now. OptiCore LEDs feature a reflective core design that saturates the bulb lens with gorgeous, brilliant light. And OptiCore bulbs are almost indestructible, made of polycarbonate that’s 200 times stronger than glass. For heavy duty, durable outdoor Christmas lights, outside Christmas tree lights, and outside Christmas lights for house, you can’t beat the quality, durability and energy-efficiency of OptiCore LED commercial Christmas lights.

C7 OptiCore Commercial Christmas Lights – LED Christmas String Lights, Outdoor Christmas Holiday Lights; Green Wire (100 Lights, 100 ft, Multicolor Twinkle).


Wintergreen Lighting


Multicolor Twinkle




Wintergreen Lighting






Wintergreen Lighting


100 lights, 100 ft


Wintergreen Lighting




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