Plus, with a power cord certified for safety through 2 * 0.824, you can rest assured that our bug zapper is not only effective, but also safe to use. Don’t let flying insects ruin your day – get our bug zapper and enjoy a pest-free environment today!

Bug Zapper can be utilized by turning on the facility following, next powering on. The underside of the bug zapper is provided with a detachable base plate, which is handy for accumulating the our bodies of flying bugs. The exterior security internet is designed with a slot, which is handy to disassemble and simple to wash.

Bug Zapper is provided with two LED ultraviolet lights, which might successfully appeal to mosquitoes, flies, fruit flies, moths, wasps and different flying bugs. The center of the bug zapper is provided with a 3,000 Ford grid, with 3-4 instances the voltage of different exterminators, which might extra successfully electrocute flying bugs which might be drawn to it instantly.

All-area search and seize, no mosquito left. 360nm-420nm wavelength, exact mosquito trapping, big selection of trapping, double-sided trapping with twin lamps. And its simulated bionic human breath to draw mosquitoes.

Bug zapper is provided with LED UV lamp, in comparison with the overall conventional UV lamp, extra sturdy and extra energy-efficient.Extra uniform mild, prime quality LED beads to make sure an extended lifetime of the sunshine supply. The bundle additionally comes with two further LED lamps for backup. Every lamp has been examined to final roughly 6,000 hours.



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