This eco-friendly product is specially formulated to consume oil over time, completely removing it from the environment. So why settle for harsh and ineffective chemical treatments when you can have an eco-friendly solution that’s both easy to use and highly effective? Try Terminator-HSD Oil Stain Remover today and experience the difference for yourself!

Removes Oil Stains From, Concrete, Asphalt, Pavers, Driveways, Streets, Garages, Parking Tons and Removes Stains of, Oil, Grease, Any Hydrocarbon based mostly stain.

ECO Pleasant and Highly effective Oil Stain Eradicating Product, TerminatorHSD breaks down and dissolves the oil into naturally occurring by merchandise of CO2 and water, Different merchandise could elevate the oil however the oil is rinsed down the drain or into sewers and retention ponds that can trigger environmental issues in your group.

Massive Stains Eliminated with little effort, The powder might be unfold on giant stains with ease, Different merchandise take an excessive amount of product to deal with giant floor space stains.

Persistence is Required, The product works whether you re-apply weekly with a mist and give it time, 4 to six weeks required, one 2 lb product covers 200 to 400 sq ft.



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